Accept and Manage Crypto Payments with UniPayment on OpenCart

OpenCart is a widely used e-commerce platform worldwide since it is free. It is also open-source, which makes it customizable and allows responsive design. Another good thing about OpenCart is it supports secure payments, which makes it one of the best platforms for accepting cryptocurrency payments. And we are glad to let you know that UniPayment is now available to receive and manage cryptocurrency payments on OpenCart.

Plugin Installation Guide

  1. To install the UniPayment extension, you first need to download the latest release of the plugin from the official OpenCart Marketplace. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct file name
  2. 2. Log in to your OpenCart admin panel. Under “Navigation”, go to “Extensions” > “Installers”. Upload the zip file that you got from the OpenCart Marketplace.

3. Wait until the installation progress shows the notification “Success: You have modified extensions!” to confirm that your installation is done.


Plugin Configuration

You may now take the configuration steps after installing the UniPayment plugin successfully.

  1. To configure, go to “Extensions” > “Extensions” > choose “Payments” under the extension type. Wait until the Payments List load below the page.

2. Scroll down under Payment Method and look for Unipayment. Click the green “Install” button on the row's rightmost side.


3. After the Install button turns red, click the blue “Edit” button on its left side.


4. Change the Module status from Disabled to Enabled. Next is to enter the Client ID, Client Secret Key, and Payment App ID. Then click the blue “Save” button on the page's upper right-hand corner.


5. Go back to the previous page and check under the Payment Method list if the Status is now “Enabled”.


Read our guide on “How to Obtain the Client ID, Client Secret, and App ID on UniPayment” if you are not sure where to find it.