How to pay with Bitcoin?

Do you also feel fascinated with Bitcoin trends in news headlines almost daily? If yes, then you are not alone. More and more people are showing interest in Bitcoin now. In 2009, Bitcoin became famous as an investment entity. Initially, people were unsure about Bitcoin payment financial tool and didn't regard it as reliable. However, today Bitcoin has become one of the most critical factors in the global economy. Financial experts speculate about revolutionary changes in the global financial system due to Bitcoin. Investors and Entrepreneurs opine that Bitcoin will change the way of managing money and doing transactions for the people. And the business industry is no different from seeing enormous potential in Bitcoin as a mainstream currency.

Nowadays, companies are also accepting it as a payment method to provide users with a convenient purchasing experience. There are several benefits of Bitcoin payments for the users, like it provides a fast and convenient. Moreover, Bitcoin payment allows people to send and receive money internationally without any barriers. However, it is still a new way of making payments. This makes people a bit fazed about the right way of managing and paying through Bitcoin. So here we are to answer your question- "How to pay with Bitcoin?"

What is Bitcoin payment?

Bitcoin payment is a channel for transactions with cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. To make crypto payments, the user needs to establish a crypto wallet. Bitcoin cryptocurrency has a consensus structure that incorporates digital money completely. It works on end-to-end user encryption. Bitcoin payments follow a decentralized approach. This enables the users to execute Bitcoin transactions without one central community or authority to govern it. This also eradicates the need for a middleman or broker. You can say Bitcoin is digital cash that can be used for making payments.

Are Bitcoin payments safe?

Many people also wonder whether using Bitcoin payment is safe or not. The answer is yes, and they are entirely safe for the users. The Bitcoin payment method works on the blockchain structure. This means every transaction of Bitcoin gets stored on a public platform. The storage also has permanent existence on the network. This makes all the transactions transparent to the public. So if you make or receive a Bitcoin payment, you can trace back all the previous owners of the currency.

Where can I pay with my Bitcoin?

The following substantial question is, where can you pay with Bitcoin? Bitcoin payments offer convenience and high accuracy in transactions for individuals. Here is a glimpse of several big companies where you can pay with crypto.

  • KFC

KFC started accepting Bitcoins in Canada. They use third-party crypto gateways for making crypto payments.

  • Overstock

It is a prominent American company that sells ticket-based products at significant discounts.

  • Burger King

A German branch of Burger King has set up a crypto payment gateway on their website. It was done in 2019.

  • Subway

The company also incorporates crypto payment gateways on its websites. In addition, you can also pay with Bitcoin on their offline stores.

  • Wikipedia

Wikipedia accepts donations in Bitcoin. Their subdivision Wikimedia also collaborated with a third-party crypto payment gateway provider.

  • Amazon

You can pay for your orders and other services through Bitcoin on the Amazon website.

  • Pizza hut

Your favourite pizza place has also started accepting Bitcoin in November 2021.

 How to pay with Bitcoin

Method of Bitcoin Payment

Let's address the elephant in the room: How to pay with Bitcoin? Users can start paying with Bitcoin by making a Bitcoin wallet. You need to follow just these steps;

Set up your Bitcoin wallet

Start by creating a Bitcoin wallet on reliable platforms. It works similarly to your bank account. This will store your Bitcoin and will manage the transactions. You can make them for free also.

Purchase Bitcoins

The next important step, invest in some Bitcoin. Then, add your crypto balance to your wallet. There are several digital currencies. You can also integrate your Bitcoin wallet with your credit card. This enables the users to convert their fiat currency into cryptocurrency. Next, you will need to share your Bitcoin wallet details with your bank.

Pay as you normally do.

Now you can pay any merchant who has a crypto payment gateway. You need to add the address of the merchant account to your wallet. Then, mention the amount and passcode. The payment takes less than a few seconds.

Benefits of paying with Bitcoin

Crypto payments provide various benefits over regular payments for the users. They are more efficient and faster. A user can make safe and transparent payments with Bitcoin. The other benefits of using crypto payment are;

  • Offers user autonomy to the sender

Fiat currencies are under the authority of banks and the government. So every decision the concerned authorities makes affects fiat currency payments' operations. On the other hand, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. So a user gets more control over its money compared to fiat currency.

  • Users don't need to pay banking fees.

Users need to pay several banking fees like transaction charges, account maintenance charges, etc., with regular fiat currency. However, unlike fiat currencies, there are no banking fees in Bitcoin payments.

  • Users can make convenient International payments.

Fiat currency transactions have several exchange barriers to overcome. They are also subjected to a long processing time. However, Bitcoin payments have no such obligations. They can be directly made between the sender and receiver, even surpassing international boundaries. So users can make quick payments with Bitcoin.

  • Provides End-to-end encryption

Irrespective of the amount, Bitcoin payments don't require any approval from any authority, unlike fiat payments. You don't need to ask for permission or undergo any extended documentation. Crypto payments are entirely end-to-end. This signifies that only the involvement of the sender and receiver is required.


Bitcoin payment has become a new revolution in our economy. More and more people are using Bitcoin payments because it is easy and fast. Companies also offer several benefits for the users to pay with Bitcoin. A user can quickly establish his crypto wallet and even make international payments. Users can also directly ask the wallet provider in case of any issue with the payment.